Федеральная Служба Опасности (malaya_zemlya) wrote,
Федеральная Служба Опасности

Бюрократы о Сексе

Руководство по технике безопасности для новозеландских работников секс-индустрии. Выпущено Министерством Здравохранения Новой Зеландии в связи с легализацией проституции в 2003г (pdf format, 45k)

In situations where more than one worker is providing service to a client (e.g. threesomes) it is necessary to ensure that equipment such as vibrators and dildos is not used by one person and then another without being cleaned, disinfected and having a new condom put on first. Ideally each worker should have her/his own toys and equipment, which are not used by other workers. Each worker may choose to use a condom of a different colour in order to identify who has used the dildo last.

А вообще правильное начинание.

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